Portugal Lisbon Mission

Portugal Lisbon Mission

Monday, October 17, 2016

Importance of the Sacrament

This week I came to understand better the importance of the sacrament. Some things clicked in my studies and also during the sacrament. There was a great talk, I can't remember from whom now, on the subject of preparing for the sacrament. So this week that's exactly what I did. As I listened to the words of the sacrament hymn, (I stand all amazed) I felt an appreciation for my Savior. I heard the words of the prayer and remembered what I had learned and relearned during the week: I was reading Alma and came upon a promise that stated that if we repent, are baptized and keep the commandments we will receive the promise of eternal life. I thought, but we can only be baptized once. Then I remembered the words of Elder Bednar's talk from April. That the sacrament is a SACRED ORDINANCE in which we renew(or rather make again) the covenants of baptism and receive the purifying presence of the Holy Ghost. That is what baptism is. It is the making of a covenant through an ordinance, and then receiving the promise of the Holy Ghost to always be with us. That is why the office of a Priest administers both the sacrament, and the ordinance of baptism.(discovered that this week :) )

So each time I listen to the prayer I hear the covenants I make with the Lord, "To witness unto....God the Eternal Father, that (I) do always remember (Christ), and to keep His commandments which He has given (me)"

As I heard the prayer, I really started to understand the promise, "That they might always have His Spirit to be with them."
As I partook, I really felt the love of my Savior and Father in Heaven. I remembered Christ's words that He is the Bread of Life. He who eateth of His flesh and drinketh of His blood shall never hunger nor thirst, but be filled.

I know the Atonement is real. And that Jesus Christ lives.

That's my spiritual thought for the week :)

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