Portugal Lisbon Mission

Portugal Lisbon Mission

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

It's A Small World

Hey everyone!

Start of the final week of the CTM! I'm both ready AND nervous to get out there. It'll be awesome to get on the continent, but at the same time, I still only have a 4-year-old's grasp of Portuguese so... theres that haha. I'm getting better though!

It was a week of exciting chance meetings. I found myself face to face with my old Bishop, Dave Oldham! It was fun to see him again. I re-met an Elder Blaylock that my mother claims I knew when I was 3 ;) Met the nephew of Sean Morrison from my ward, Elder Morrison also happens to be in the stake of Elder Jones, a member of my district,  and then I met the brother of a sister missionary (Paxman) who served in Damascus ward not too long ago! Crazy stuff right there :) Mormons. It's a small world after all haha!

I'm getting ready to depart this place and have even gotten my travel plans. I think I forgot to mention previously that my mission is going to be split in half in July! We'll get two new mission presidents in Portugal and be reassigned to Porto, or Lisbon Missions! Cool stuff :) They both have cool aspects, so I don't mind either!

Three missionaries who were supposed to go to Brazil, but didn't get their visas were reassigned this week, they left yesterday! And guess where they're coming? Portland Oregon Mission :) Told them it was the best reassignment ever! haha So be on the look out for Elders Bulher and Hunt and a Sister Lee! They all served with me here in the MTC :)

Elders Buhler, Buchanan, and Hunt

I'm glad to be here. I love serving the Lord from the moment I wake up until the moment I fall asleep. I'm excited to get out there and find the people that are waiting for the message that I can bring them.

I love you all! I hope your lives are great, and you're not missing me too much ;)

Boa sorte!
Elder Buchanan

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Lots of Plot

Hi everyone! :)

What to talk about this week? Lots of plot, not enough details.
Classes are the usual, trying to stay sane whilst our teachers pile ANOTHER few rules about Portuguese on top of us, whilst we drown. And then there's the irregular ones that don't follow the rules :) So all in all...eh.

Last week we got to hear from Elder Russell M. Nelson again(since he's the head of the Missionary council, he likes it here :) ) He asked us if we were prepared because not too long ago he gave his talk about, "Ask the missionaries. They can help you!" haha so that was a cool talk. You can tell he loves missionary work.

I have made a friend whom Elder Scott introduced me to, and he left today. His name's Elder Wilson and he's pretty awesome :) He's Canadian. Thought that was important.

So yeah...same old, same old. I'm sorry that's not a huge update, I'll try to maybe write a mass letter my mom can put out. I'll try to think of more stuff to say! :)

Just know that I'm well, its hard, but I love it. I love learning ways I can help others Come unto Christ. and I "love" learning Portuguese :) I'm where I'm supposed to be.

I miss you all and hope you're doing well. Have a fantastic week! Hope to hear from some of you, and will try to write as well.

Elder Buchanan

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Rapito Speaking


Just another riveting week in the CTM (or MTC for those of you quem fala ingles).
I'm excited because I'm singing in the Choir at the Tuesday Night Devotional! Our MTC president is getting released so it'll be an interesting time.

I forgot to mention that last Wednesday I had the opportunity to be a new Missionary host. I essentially rip these elders from their families and show them where their room is, get them their books and bring them to their classrooms. It was a pretty good experience! I actually got a DearElder letter from one of the mom's of an Elder I hosted. It warmed my heart :) That Elder was also one of the nicest guys I've met too.

I got my haircut today! So that's honestly something exciting haha. When you're on a routine, any break from that rut is News :)

On Fridays, we have the opportunity to do something called TRC which is when real volunteers come in to hear a 20 minute lesson from the Elders and/or Sisters. We ended up teaching two returned Missionaries both who served in Brazil. We taught them and surprisingly, despite his Brazilian accent and rapido speaking, I understood the first brother we taught. It was a good lesson. The second one went even better. It was a good teaching experience.

Portuguese is a very hard language. But it's getting there!
Also...DearElder is a site where you can type letters and they'll get to me the same day. So if you wanted to...yeah :) I'm always begging for letters but ah yeah :)

I love you all! Miss everyone. Wish I could write you but I forgot all my addresses!
Ok I'll talk to you in a week!

Elder Buchanan

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Leaps and Bounds


I hope everyone's doing well! Just sitting here doing my laundry...I certainly appreciate having a mum to do it for me at home :)

Not too much of interest, other than last week I forgot to mention that we had a devotion with David Archuleta! That was cool. He sang hymns that bore his testimony in a way. 

We got a new Teacher yesterday, Irma Wells was reassigned this semester to a new district who will come in the Wednesday after we leave, so in the meantime she'll be like a floating teacher. BUT we still have Irmao Lemperle who is awesome. Our new teacher is Irma Lewis whom I didn't get to meet because Elder Gee got sick. So I had to hang out in the residence with him all day. I was rescued by Elder Jones to go to gym while Elder Simpson stayed with Elder Gee which was nice. I just stayed in my room and read my scriptures/tried to study the language.

Portuguese is coming along great! I'm not amazing, but I've definitely seen a few leaps and bounds, which is cool.

Shout out to Rachel Lawrence and a belated Happy Birthday!
Second shout out to the Card family for their Christmas Card :)
Third shout out to Bill and Leanne Miller for their Christmas Card! :)

I was able to find Elder Anderson, which was awesome! And then again on Sunday, where we got a picture.

Speaking of pictures I am very mad because I deleted a bunch of my favorites that I planned on sending >:( Oh well...

Hope you all have a good week!
Send me letters! I don't have access to anyone address, but you all have mine :P But seriously, it's nice to get letters. And emails! I love you all!

With love,
Elder Buchanan

"they make me happy [not homesick] because I get to see their faces"
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