Portugal Lisbon Mission

Portugal Lisbon Mission

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Rapito Speaking


Just another riveting week in the CTM (or MTC for those of you quem fala ingles).
I'm excited because I'm singing in the Choir at the Tuesday Night Devotional! Our MTC president is getting released so it'll be an interesting time.

I forgot to mention that last Wednesday I had the opportunity to be a new Missionary host. I essentially rip these elders from their families and show them where their room is, get them their books and bring them to their classrooms. It was a pretty good experience! I actually got a DearElder letter from one of the mom's of an Elder I hosted. It warmed my heart :) That Elder was also one of the nicest guys I've met too.

I got my haircut today! So that's honestly something exciting haha. When you're on a routine, any break from that rut is News :)

On Fridays, we have the opportunity to do something called TRC which is when real volunteers come in to hear a 20 minute lesson from the Elders and/or Sisters. We ended up teaching two returned Missionaries both who served in Brazil. We taught them and surprisingly, despite his Brazilian accent and rapido speaking, I understood the first brother we taught. It was a good lesson. The second one went even better. It was a good teaching experience.

Portuguese is a very hard language. But it's getting there!
Also...DearElder is a site where you can type letters and they'll get to me the same day. So if you wanted to...yeah :) I'm always begging for letters but ah yeah :)

I love you all! Miss everyone. Wish I could write you but I forgot all my addresses!
Ok I'll talk to you in a week!

Elder Buchanan

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