Portugal Lisbon Mission

Portugal Lisbon Mission

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Leaps and Bounds


I hope everyone's doing well! Just sitting here doing my laundry...I certainly appreciate having a mum to do it for me at home :)

Not too much of interest, other than last week I forgot to mention that we had a devotion with David Archuleta! That was cool. He sang hymns that bore his testimony in a way. 

We got a new Teacher yesterday, Irma Wells was reassigned this semester to a new district who will come in the Wednesday after we leave, so in the meantime she'll be like a floating teacher. BUT we still have Irmao Lemperle who is awesome. Our new teacher is Irma Lewis whom I didn't get to meet because Elder Gee got sick. So I had to hang out in the residence with him all day. I was rescued by Elder Jones to go to gym while Elder Simpson stayed with Elder Gee which was nice. I just stayed in my room and read my scriptures/tried to study the language.

Portuguese is coming along great! I'm not amazing, but I've definitely seen a few leaps and bounds, which is cool.

Shout out to Rachel Lawrence and a belated Happy Birthday!
Second shout out to the Card family for their Christmas Card :)
Third shout out to Bill and Leanne Miller for their Christmas Card! :)

I was able to find Elder Anderson, which was awesome! And then again on Sunday, where we got a picture.

Speaking of pictures I am very mad because I deleted a bunch of my favorites that I planned on sending >:( Oh well...

Hope you all have a good week!
Send me letters! I don't have access to anyone address, but you all have mine :P But seriously, it's nice to get letters. And emails! I love you all!

With love,
Elder Buchanan

"they make me happy [not homesick] because I get to see their faces"
"something as simple as bouncing a ball
can relieve stress in this place"
"My socks have already got some holes!"

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