Portugal Lisbon Mission

Portugal Lisbon Mission

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Utah, the Armpit of the USA

Hey everyone!!!

Another fabulous week here in the Provo MTC, in Utah, the Armpit of the USA. But honestly, I still hate Utah more than ever. Even when it rains it's still like 5% humidity. And I just really miss Oregon water. There's  nothing else like it. But enough complaining! 

Another exciting week, like I said. So, technically this is my third week. Because they count your first 4 days as a week. Our "investigator" is now actually our Teacher! His name is Irmao Lemperle. He's a really cool and its weird when he breaks into English sometimes. He served his mission in Portugal too, so that's awesome. Irma Wells is pretty good at the accent. We have 2 new investigators to teach so that's new, we switch off each day.

We found out Irma Wells is actually no longer going to be our teacher in two weeks because her school schedule is too full so we're all kinda sad. She was all our first friend here, so we're a bit attached.

OO! There's a new solo Elder coming into our residence room tomorrow. We don't know anything about him but it should be cool. I guess someone's gonna be a tri-panionship.

Sunday for our devotional we had the organist for the MoTab, who's name escapes me and DAVID ARCHULETA!!!! It was so cool. And at the end he sang Hark All Ye Nations (which is one of my favorites) and on the last verse, we all stood and sang with him. And, oh it gave me chills. It was amazing.

There's honestly not much besides that other than I would LOVE some letters :) And an hour to read and write isn't enough. And DearElder gets them too me the same day so... :)

Love you all!
Love, Elder Buchanan

a snow pesquisador
Elders Buchanan, Gee, Simpson, and Jones

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