Portugal Lisbon Mission

Portugal Lisbon Mission

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Weeks Like Days and Days Like Weeks

Oi!! (means Hi)

Man what a crazy week I've had. They were right when they said weeks will feel like days and days feel like weeks. Because it feels like I just got here, but some of those days never seemed to end. Who knew you could get so much accomplished in a day when you wake up at 6:30am and don't stop to breath until 10:30pm? I didn't :P This is a definite trial against my laziness, but I've adjusted fast. For someone like me it’s hard to be upbeat and positive and around lots of people for 16 hours a day, but I'm adjusting quick.

On my first day it was like being thrown into a whirlwind. Not 10 minutes after saying goodbye to my family do I hear a familiar voice shout, "ELDER BUCHANAN!!!!" I am then wrapped in an enormous bear hug by none other than Elder Scott. He relieved my original host of me and proceed to guide me through the MTC. We parted and I met my Teacher, Sister Wells. Irma Wells in Portuguese. She speaks nothing but Portuguese in class, but somehow through the miracle of high school French and Jacob's Portugese lessons, I was able to figure out/guess what she was saying.

Our class makes up our "district" We're in district D. Which composes of 4 West US missionaries, two Canadians and  two South Africans. My Companions name is Elder Gee. (Not "G" but the guttereal Gee), we room with the two other Americans, Elder Jones and Elder Simpson who are also going to Portugal with us. The other room is all going to Capo Verdi which is off the west coast of Africa and speaks continental Portuguese as well. They are Elder Bullock from Canada and Elder Mesubelele (that’s a hard one) from Africa de Sou, and Elder Massey (Mass-e) from Canada and Elder Maake (M-aack-e) from Africa de Sou. They are all powerful misionados despite they're faults. We have a powerful District.

Our 2 day we found out that on our 3rd day we would be teaching an pesquisador (investigator). His name is Jose and and we learned a bit about him, as if his friend had refered us. Our First lesson we taught him about baptism and it went over like hot cakes! Our next two have turned out even better and this last one we taugh without a scripted lesson. We really are taking control of the language.

well all out of time, tchao for now!
Elder Buchanan

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