Portugal Lisbon Mission

Portugal Lisbon Mission

Monday, August 29, 2016

I've never been so tired in my life

I'll start in on my week. What a long and short week! Holy cow. I've never been so tired in my life haha :) Such a good feeling :)
This week our zone of 16 missionaries made the goal to teach 70 new investigators. The mission had a goal of 400 (something never even close to being done). We taught in our zone 60 new people! :) We all worked super hard to achieve that goal :) The mission beat its goal! 431. Not only did Elder Zanni and I find new people to teach, we invited every one of them to be baptized! We ended the week with 5 people marked for baptism in September! Carlos, Amélia, Ricardo, Miguel and Patrícia! 

Amélia was such a cool person to teach! We met her last week, in a neighborhood, and she told us where she lived. She wasn't there the first time. But we marked a second time to come by, her husband was leaving when we came and said she was busy and couldn't talk. He told us to come by at 10 but we didn't hear him! She waited all day for us!
Finally we had a lesson with her on Saturday and wow! She decided to be baptized in September!!! She said that when she had talked to us she felt something, She's so cool!!!!

We met Monica and Valentine  and their family! 6 kids! That's so rare for Portugal! and Europe! only two of them are younger than 8! so cool :) They were all going to come to church but then the oldest daughter's daughter got sick and they had to go to the hospital! but that's ok, they'll come :)

Last week a guy named Carlos came to church. He was super cool. He introduced us to his family and that was a pretty good lesson :)
Had a house check of surprise, 138/140 :) (forgot to take the trash out)

We met a guy twice on our way home in the metro that must have been a big Porto fan because he yelled "PORTO!" really loud. It was hilarious haha :) He thought it was pretty funny...might have been a bit buzzed :)

We have a member from the Presidency of the Seventy coming next week! Elder Swick. It'll be cool :) He's gonna do practices with us and everything it should be a blast :)

Have a great week!

Monday, August 22, 2016

"Bom Dia Energia!"

Good Morning Energy! haha :) In Portuguese, that rhymes. "Bom Dia Energia!" (That's Presidente's current catch phrase for the mission haha)

This week was FAAAAAAAAAAANtastic! Man o man. We had Leadership Council with Pres. on Tuesday, which is when he does a training with all of the Zone Leaders and the Sister Training Leaders are invited. It was so very inspired! I grow to love Presidente more and more each day! He did a fantastic discussion with us on how the mission is and what we can do to change. Then he presented his plans for us this coming month! The mission has a goal to baptize 50 people in September! woo! He did a training about faith. And one of the biggest things I learned was that faith is believing first, casting aside our disbelief and even doubt, unquestioning, so finding and doing everything we can in our power to accomplish that which we desire righteously, tirelessly! Presidente used a really cool way to present it, using a true story, Apollo 13. He used clips from the movie to show the faith and the work of the ground crew in Houston in bringing the 3 men back! It was such a spiritual experience! And awesome cuz he used Apollo 13 haha :)

On Thursday we got to present, Elder Zanni and I, everything Presidente had taught to our Zone. We had a fantastic discussion and I think it really went well. President told me on Friday in my routine interview, that he'd called to some members of the Zone and he'd gotten good feedback about it :) So that made us feel good!

We worked tirelessly to achieve our goals this week. Saturday night, just before we were ready to go home, we were in a social housing neighborhood, we found a building door open, so we climbed to the top. The first door we knocked, a lady opened the door. We started saying we had a message, but then from the inside we heard someone say, "Elders? Elders come in please! I want to hear a message." It was her husband.  We had an opportunity to sit down and talk about repentance and the Atonement and bring the spirit to their house! They have 5 kids! wow! It was so cool! :)

Sunday we had a young man come to church named Ricardo. He's a good person and he loved all three hours of church :) He left feeling good and smiling :)

Lots of love!

Elder Buchanan

Monday, August 8, 2016

Transfer No. 7.5 in Porto!

Well, if I stay here 3 more weeks after the end of this transfer period, I'll have passed 1 year in Porto. 2 months shy of 1 year here!

I get to continue with Elder Zanni as my companion which is awesome! 2nd time in history! :) haha
We worked super hard this week! We found some really cool people!
We finally got to talk to a member of the church that's kind of distanced from the church. He let us in and we talked a little while and he said he wanted to come to church and we talked about how important it could be not just for him but for his family who weren't members of the church!
They couldn't come but they are super cool, so the will eventually, and at church they'll feel the spirit and be more united as a family! :)

Just working hard. Sorry, not a whole lot to write in a general aspect. But uh...yeah :) I'm happy. Are you happy?

Oh! we got a new Elder in our House, Elder Short. Super dope guy. English. He's freaking 25. I picked him up at the airport when he came in...weird. But yeah. He's a carpenter. Boss.

Lots of love!

Elder Buchanan

Monday, August 1, 2016

Hey Ho!

Hey ho!
Great song by the way.

This week was yet another mix up. But Elder Bortolo was back to work by Friday and Elder Zanni gets his stitches out on Tuesday! So fun stuff there :) But I was out and then in and then out and then in the house again haha.

I can't beleive another 6 weeks has flown by. What a crazy transfer. Well, tomorrow transfers will be announced and we'll find out if anything changes or if we'll just stay here haha.

Not too much more to comente on. However, I would like to let everyone within reach on this email to know that I know that Jesus Christ live. He is our Savior. It was He whom in those 3 hours in Gethsemene and 3 long hours on the Cross at Calvary suffered for each one of us, so that the scriptures might be fulfilled that He would take upon Himself our infirmities and afflictions and the punishment for our sin if we choose to take part. I know that he promises rest to all those who desire it if they but follow Him and do the things that he taught us to do. I know He is the Living Head of His Living Church. I know that He and Heavenly Father want all of us to experience happiness and we will if we but follow Him.
These last few weeks have been rough on me physically and spirtitually. But I know that nothing could have helped me more than seeking my Savior's guidance and support. I have felt a force that is impossible to describe, that can't just naturally come that can't be psychologically caused. I truly have felt Christ's influence in my life.

I want to invite all of you, as I do several times a day to strangers here in Portugal, to pray and ask God if what I said is true. I know he will respond if you pray with desire to act on what you learn.

I miss you all! I hope your week goes great!
Lots of Love!

Elder Buchanan