Portugal Lisbon Mission

Portugal Lisbon Mission

Monday, August 22, 2016

"Bom Dia Energia!"

Good Morning Energy! haha :) In Portuguese, that rhymes. "Bom Dia Energia!" (That's Presidente's current catch phrase for the mission haha)

This week was FAAAAAAAAAAANtastic! Man o man. We had Leadership Council with Pres. on Tuesday, which is when he does a training with all of the Zone Leaders and the Sister Training Leaders are invited. It was so very inspired! I grow to love Presidente more and more each day! He did a fantastic discussion with us on how the mission is and what we can do to change. Then he presented his plans for us this coming month! The mission has a goal to baptize 50 people in September! woo! He did a training about faith. And one of the biggest things I learned was that faith is believing first, casting aside our disbelief and even doubt, unquestioning, so finding and doing everything we can in our power to accomplish that which we desire righteously, tirelessly! Presidente used a really cool way to present it, using a true story, Apollo 13. He used clips from the movie to show the faith and the work of the ground crew in Houston in bringing the 3 men back! It was such a spiritual experience! And awesome cuz he used Apollo 13 haha :)

On Thursday we got to present, Elder Zanni and I, everything Presidente had taught to our Zone. We had a fantastic discussion and I think it really went well. President told me on Friday in my routine interview, that he'd called to some members of the Zone and he'd gotten good feedback about it :) So that made us feel good!

We worked tirelessly to achieve our goals this week. Saturday night, just before we were ready to go home, we were in a social housing neighborhood, we found a building door open, so we climbed to the top. The first door we knocked, a lady opened the door. We started saying we had a message, but then from the inside we heard someone say, "Elders? Elders come in please! I want to hear a message." It was her husband.  We had an opportunity to sit down and talk about repentance and the Atonement and bring the spirit to their house! They have 5 kids! wow! It was so cool! :)

Sunday we had a young man come to church named Ricardo. He's a good person and he loved all three hours of church :) He left feeling good and smiling :)

Lots of love!

Elder Buchanan

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