Portugal Lisbon Mission

Portugal Lisbon Mission

Monday, August 29, 2016

I've never been so tired in my life

I'll start in on my week. What a long and short week! Holy cow. I've never been so tired in my life haha :) Such a good feeling :)
This week our zone of 16 missionaries made the goal to teach 70 new investigators. The mission had a goal of 400 (something never even close to being done). We taught in our zone 60 new people! :) We all worked super hard to achieve that goal :) The mission beat its goal! 431. Not only did Elder Zanni and I find new people to teach, we invited every one of them to be baptized! We ended the week with 5 people marked for baptism in September! Carlos, Amélia, Ricardo, Miguel and Patrícia! 

Amélia was such a cool person to teach! We met her last week, in a neighborhood, and she told us where she lived. She wasn't there the first time. But we marked a second time to come by, her husband was leaving when we came and said she was busy and couldn't talk. He told us to come by at 10 but we didn't hear him! She waited all day for us!
Finally we had a lesson with her on Saturday and wow! She decided to be baptized in September!!! She said that when she had talked to us she felt something, She's so cool!!!!

We met Monica and Valentine  and their family! 6 kids! That's so rare for Portugal! and Europe! only two of them are younger than 8! so cool :) They were all going to come to church but then the oldest daughter's daughter got sick and they had to go to the hospital! but that's ok, they'll come :)

Last week a guy named Carlos came to church. He was super cool. He introduced us to his family and that was a pretty good lesson :)
Had a house check of surprise, 138/140 :) (forgot to take the trash out)

We met a guy twice on our way home in the metro that must have been a big Porto fan because he yelled "PORTO!" really loud. It was hilarious haha :) He thought it was pretty funny...might have been a bit buzzed :)

We have a member from the Presidency of the Seventy coming next week! Elder Swick. It'll be cool :) He's gonna do practices with us and everything it should be a blast :)

Have a great week!

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