Portugal Lisbon Mission

Portugal Lisbon Mission

Monday, August 8, 2016

Transfer No. 7.5 in Porto!

Well, if I stay here 3 more weeks after the end of this transfer period, I'll have passed 1 year in Porto. 2 months shy of 1 year here!

I get to continue with Elder Zanni as my companion which is awesome! 2nd time in history! :) haha
We worked super hard this week! We found some really cool people!
We finally got to talk to a member of the church that's kind of distanced from the church. He let us in and we talked a little while and he said he wanted to come to church and we talked about how important it could be not just for him but for his family who weren't members of the church!
They couldn't come but they are super cool, so the will eventually, and at church they'll feel the spirit and be more united as a family! :)

Just working hard. Sorry, not a whole lot to write in a general aspect. But uh...yeah :) I'm happy. Are you happy?

Oh! we got a new Elder in our House, Elder Short. Super dope guy. English. He's freaking 25. I picked him up at the airport when he came in...weird. But yeah. He's a carpenter. Boss.

Lots of love!

Elder Buchanan

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