Portugal Lisbon Mission

Portugal Lisbon Mission

Monday, June 29, 2015

Go Have an Adventure

Hello!!!! That's about as creative as I get with subjects...

Goooooooood afternoon! Or morning. Or evening.

How are y’all? We're good over here in Regua! Just dying of heatstroke. Just kidding, but it's 100 outside today. It's a minimum of 90 everyday. I'm dying every night because my companion won't let me leave the windows open because he can't sleep if there’s any light. So I'm just suffocating every night :P I think I'll go buy him a night shade.

Welp, this week's been good :) Why? I dunno. I just love this work. I love getting to meet so many different people. To learn to love them. To try and be as Christ-like as I can. This work is truly a prep for life. I'm never gonna forget one second.

I'm having an adventure. Are you? Did you put the shoe on the same foot you always start with this morning? Go have an adventure my friends. That's what life is about! Learn, grow, and gain experience! Become a little bit better each day!

I miss you all very much. I hope you're doing well. It's nice to receive updates from time to time or a little note. So thank you for those :)

I'm well. We've been working hard. We had 3 people we were teaching come to church yesterday! They all loved it and they are making friends with the members :)

There's a guy here that knows we're Americans and every time we walk by he's like "dollar, dollar!" Yeah he's nuts. 

We get a new president this week! So that'll be a change!

I hope y’all have a good week :) 

Elder Buchanan

PS picture of me in a sweet old school car

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