Portugal Lisbon Mission

Portugal Lisbon Mission

Monday, June 1, 2015


Yeah I'm too lazy for a subject this week. Also, pressed for time :) enough of this line *enter*

Haha! A new line! Hello!!! Bom Dia todos!!!

This week has been incredible. I've gotten to know quite a few new, crazy people! And I got to participate in the baptism of Otilia!

The crowning point of this week was getting to see my friend, someone we'd come to love, make the first step towards her Father in Heaven. Otilia was baptized yesterday!! It was such a powerful experience :) We started and ended in the chapel, but we went down to the river for the actual baptism. She had asked me to baptize her! She has a strong belief in this gospel and it's inspiring.

This week we also had two divisions (when you switch companions with another set of missionaries for a day) with Portalegre elders who came and stayed in our house and we divided our area, and with our Zone Leaders from Santarem, who also stayed and showed up the day that Portalegre left. haha Portalgre ate EVERTHING. Not really but those two can put it away. We had two loaves of bread that were GONE that night haha and then our zone leaders bought food and we ate like kings but destroyed the kitchen. It was weird. With Portalgre we had three English speakers and one Portuguese speaker and then when the zone leaders came we had three Portuguese speakers and one English speaker (me) it was kinda funny. We had a Brazil meal called Churasco, which is good. I made the rice. I'm a killer rice maker now. It's rice, salad and then pork meat that you eat on a roll or bread in general. It's good. The kitchen like I said was destroyed.

Elder Arnold, Muniz, Ogles, and Tobler
Elder Buchanan, DaSilva, DaSilva and Sister DaSilva

I'm learning this language fast. English is becoming Latin to me. I'll write and read in it but if I don't start speaking and hearing it more, I'm gonna forget haha :) It's cool. I've been dreaming in Portuguese and even thinking. It's not me translating in my head anymore it's me just speaking. It's awesome!!! My grammar is still not perfect and I'm still trying to learn as many words as I can but hey! People understand me, and I'm not frustrated quite as often. Elder Da Silva understands what I mean to say most of the time, so he can help me out if people don't understand me.

The mission will divide at the end of this transfer, the end of next week. And we'll find out if I'll stay in the Lisbon mission or go to the Porto mission! It'll be cool.

I'm helping arrange the choir of missionaries in our zone for a fireside that is next week with the Mission President. So that's fun. I've missed choir.

Have a good week all!

Elder Buchanan


I was sad to hear about grandma, but I overall felt happy for her. I always felt sad whenever I saw her. I truly am glad for the Plan of Salvation and that I know that death isn't the end. Please give everyone a hug from me.

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