Portugal Lisbon Mission

Portugal Lisbon Mission

Monday, July 13, 2015

The Corpses Littered Our Apartment...

…the bodies of several hundred dead ants.

We've had a problem this week. Bleck. But not to worry, our biggest problem helped us solve it, in actuality. We left of Friday to go to Chaves for the day, and left the house. Well, normally our bag of garbage is hanging on the door (we don't have essentials like a garbage can or actual bags...) well, it fell while we were gone and something must have smelled good because when we got back, there was a black line running from our bathroom, where we suspected they were coming from, to our garbage in the kitchen. We took care of them with cleaner and finally discovered the source. We went out and bought a powder that was recommended (luckily I'm an experienced ant fighter) and spread it along the area and other parts of the bathroom we thought they were coming through. Haven't seen anyone since :) HA! Take that!

So! On with my week :)

We went out to Chaves, which is actually the furthermost area in the mission, you can see Spain. Funny, I would have thought there were those big red lines like on the map. I got to do a companion switch with Elder Jones. It was a good experience. I like that guy :) It was my first time as the District Leader, because he uses that to help train the other missionaries and see how the other companions are doing and help them with any problems they might have. But it was pretty good.

My companion told me I was an uptight missionary this week. But he used it in a good way haha :) He told me I'm a very obedient missionary, which is important. He also said I know when to joke and when to be serious. So that’s good :)

We've been talking to a sweet older lady named Ana Luisa this week. She loves what we talk about and she believes in the church. I think she understands more than most of the people we talk to. She's very silly and loves to make crafts, she has some very pretty things too.

It's kind of sad being in this country sometimes because technically, it's a first world country, but it must barely qualify because I've seen so much destitution here. So many people are living in these tiny, filthy houses that are falling apart and it's so sad.

It just makes me what to preach more about the joy and love of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Because that's why I'm here, to bring people the knowledge and joy and happiness that comes when we understand God's plan for us. And I'm grateful for every chance I get to talk to these people and testify of what I know to be true.

I love you all very much! I hope you are doing well :) I miss you and wish you a good week.

Elder Buchanan

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