Portugal Lisbon Mission

Portugal Lisbon Mission

Monday, July 27, 2015

Extra! Extra!

Read all about it! Missionary still serving a mission! :)

Lame I know but that's the best I got this week :) I know, you're right, I can make cheesier jokes than that. Come on, Buchanan. Get on your game!

So my week has not been too uneventful, nor over eventful, just the right amount of work.

Still just the right amount of crazy hot. But hey! Who's complaining this place is beautiful. It cools off in the evening though which is nice. And my companion has taken to carryin’ a frozen bottle of water. So I've taken to taking it and drinking his ice cold water haha :) 

Have I told y’all about Lidl? It's just a little grocery store, but they make some DARN good pastries. I will tell you, we know nothing of pastries in the states. They have THE best croissants in the world. Plus chocolate filled ones. Man they are the best. I am cherishing the next year and half here :)

We had churro trucks show up! ‘Cuz the festivals start in August and they’re getting ready. They've had a few small ones already, but they're just have a bunch of big crazy parties down by the river. It'll be crazy.

We've met some pretty cool people this week. One of them named Hélder. They don't say H's here so it was pretty funny saying "Hi Hélder! We're Elder Buchanan and Elder Gilbert"

It's very strange when you start to forget words in English or it’s easier to just blurt out Portuguese.

Sorry that this has been a unorganized email folks. But hey, it's seems a little more like me, huh? Just crazy ol' me. I love this work! Don't miss me! I'm having too much fun! 

Have good weeks!!!

Elder Buchanan

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