Portugal Lisbon Mission

Portugal Lisbon Mission

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Porto part 3


So! Writing ya here, from Porto still! Woo :) We'll see how long this lasts. Elder Gilbert was here for two transfers and then President sent him to the netherpartes of the mission to be a Zone Leader...so we'll see how this goes! Haha :)

So my p-day has officially moved! Not because I'm now an office Elder though, but because I now live with the office Elders.

Ya see, President Amorim got all swip-swap happy. So he cut down his number of Elders in the office from 4 to 2: Elder Hicks as the Executive, who takes care of booking flights, planning President's schedule, making sure all of the foreigners are legal in the country, yada, yada, yada, and Elder Merkle who takes care of all the Finances for the mission. He basically makes sure Elder Hicks doesn't spend too much money. :) Then why I am I still here? Still on special projects, but I have my own desk now! So that’s fun stuff! :) 

I've decided to try to take a leaf out of Elder Hick's book and make you a list of the week...this week. I'll include some stuff from the end of last week.

SUNDAY: Carla was baptized! She was so happy! She and Ricardo looked great and she could NOT stop smiling. It was such a great baptism. What a blessing to watch.

I ate cachopa, that a Caboverdiana made for us! It was really good. Beans, meat, corn, cabbage, carrots all kinda stewed together. Really good. Then I found out that I was staying for transfers! But I was moving too! I was moving from Porto 2nd to Porto 1st ward! I was still going to work in the office! Elder Peterson was sent to Matosinhos. He was excited...kinda. haha.

MONDAY: I found out that I was the only one staying in our house. Elder Lebaron and his companion were moving houses to the Old Secretary house, but staying in their area, now living closer to it. Elder Gilbert went to go be Zone Leader in Santarém and Elder Andrade was going home to Cabo Verde. My new comp Elder Orozco, showed up, Elder Hick and Elder Merkle moved into our house (which is now the Secretary house) and Elder LeBaron went to go live in the new AP House with new AP Elder McGhie (the old Executive secretary)! Craziness!

Our District:
Sister Waddell and Jones,
Elder Peterson, Johnson, Gilbert, LeBaron, Buchanan, and Androde

TUESDAY: Spent the day in the office working on a population project. Elder Merkle introduced us to an investigator, Valintine. And Elder Orozco and I did a little bit of work looking for new people. There’s a bunch of missionaries staying in our house waiting for flights to Madeira and waiting to pick up their new missionary companions. Crowded House! :P

WEDNESDAY: I went to President's house and end up meeting the new missionaries that are staying there. They all seem like really cool people. I have a meeting with President were he tells me the purpose that he kept me here for more than one transfer is because he wanted a chance to train me personally. I hope that means a good thing instead of bad :) 
Elder Orozco and I receive and contact a reference from the sister missionaries in Gaia of a young man named Gabriel who just moved to Porto who'd been taught for a while. This kid speaks perfect English! Holy cow! And he speaks from watching tv. Craziness! He's a really cool kid who just wants to know if God exists.

THURSDAY: Umm...Not a whole ton happened...

FRIDAY: This was supposed to be our p-day and it started off so. We got up and went to the office, but one of the sisters’ houses had its water cut off. So we were running around trying to help them, so we just decided to move our p-day to Saturday because so much of it was lost.
Elder Orozco and I taught Gabriel again. He's coming to church! He's very excited. He understood a lot and is going to search for an answer from God.

SATURDAY(Today): Woo! Thought it was gonna be p-day, thought wrong! Work to do! But it's ok, we've taken a bit of time now towards the end to relax and write. I won't be able to respond this week, but I hope I will next. I might send a note if I get time during the week.

I love the mission! :) Keep crazy peoples! 


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