Portugal Lisbon Mission

Portugal Lisbon Mission

Monday, October 5, 2015

Tudo Bem

This week was good and exciting! :) I had to watch 3.5/5 conference sessions in Portuguese because the English wasn't working but tudo bem. It was sad to see President Monson lose his strength...I love that man. It's so sad that he seems to get sicker every conference :/ But I loved conference. The Saturday Morning was one of my favorites. I really liked that and the Sunday Afternoon. Presidente Amorim let us as a mission stay out until 11 if we lived close to the chapel or had a ride home :) We have Elder LeBaron with his car in our house so HAHA we got to stay :) But you end up tired the next day... :) oh well.

Our friend Carla needed to put a hold on her baptism. It's a complicated teaching situation but to make it simple, she's being taught by another missionary too. We're gonna go there and try and help build her testimony. BUT we still have Sandrini who's very cool and is getting ready to get baptized! :) She's very prepared. She's reading and praying and really wants to know about the gospel if it's true or not! really cool :)

We had zone conferences this week! It was really good! President is very inspired. He taught a really good message on faith. And he's made some changes for the better in the mission that I really like. One of them is the new mission hymn. (See next post)

We went to Gaia (had permission, perks of living and doing stuff with an AP) and went to this cool indoor soccer rink with several other areas of the mission and played two-hand touch football and we KILLED. I gotta say all that training Jake gave me payed off! I sacked the QB (my comp E Peterson) twice and caught an inCREDible touch down pass as well as a first down pass. We won two rounds in a row. It was a ton of fun :) I'm probably gonna play inter-mural sports when I get to school too :)

Well, I hope those are some good stories for ya :) I'm gonna have a great week :) I hope you will! I can't believe that there's only one more week in the transfer. Crazy!

Elder Buchanan

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