Portugal Lisbon Mission

Portugal Lisbon Mission

Monday, September 28, 2015

Bom Dia Alegria!

That is a line my buddy, Elder McGhie, uses almost annoyingly all the time haha. But it works in this case!

Hello Gente! I hope the week is going well!

Life here in the office is very good, just running around, and doing projects for President Amorim, which at this point has been a LOT of phone calls. We're trying to make sure that every missionary apartment is in good condition, equipped fully, has nice beds and so on and so forth. Very complicated for us :) But that's life! Our life gets a little crazy sometimes, so the rest of the missionaries don't have to. If I think that I'm busy the other office secretaries have a crazier life.

This week was a really good week! It was crazy, but good! The cherry on top was on Friday. Out of the blue my companion sees a young lady with a baby carrying groceries and offers to help and she lets us carry them to her door. She invited us in, but we couldn't because we didn't want to enter without another man there, so we marked for the next day to come back with a member. Her name is Sandrine and she's from Cape Verde. When we taught her the next day, she told us how she felt that almost any church could be true because she'd never found one that felt different. She was very interested and loved to hear about our message! She accepted to read and pray about the Book of Mormon AND to come to church the next day :) She came to ALL three hours of church and loved it! Her little baby girl is named Luna and is one of the cutest baby girls ever! President Amorim came to our ward this week and he was having fun. It was pretty funny to see the grandfather side of him, ‘cuz normally he's President...ya know? 

I love teaching the gospel! We've been teaching a few others, but Sandrine was the highlight of the week :) She's very cool! But Carla's still getting ready to be baptized. We had a very irreverent lesson on Saturday with her, her little girl Maria João was making such a fuss. We could barely talk...but eh...can't win um all. I once sacrificed a tie to Maria to help keep her occupied so we could teach :) haha ah... kids... :) Makes me miss my nieces and nephew.

We got to eat a nice meal at Sister Martins house on Sunday, today :) It was good! We had barbecue, rice, beans, salad, pork from the oven, and juice. Sounds weird, but for the Portuguese its good :)

I hope you all have a good week :) 

Elder Buchanan

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