Portugal Lisbon Mission

Portugal Lisbon Mission

Tuesday, September 8, 2015


Yes! I've made it! :)

After 9 months in a bunch of small towns, I am now living in a big city :)

My last look at the Rio Douro

I left Regua in the care of my Trainee, Elder Garcia, confident that he'll take good care of the people there. I left to come to Porto on Wednesday! I showed up, ran to get a Portuguese social security number, got a physical, and then drove with a few other missionaries 3 hours to Lisbon! Why? So I could get a drivers license :) Which is pretty cool.

I now work in the mission office, working on special projects for president :) It's only a six-week deal, but it's still cool I get to work close to the mission president.

I am living in a house with 6 guys and 1 shower. Fun stuff. But...we will eat like KINGS! :) We had a ton of food today in the cart. It'll be great.

It's been an exciting week, not a heck ton of events, haven't gotten out a heck ton to help people, but needless to say this is a great place to be :)

Miss you all!

Elder Buchanan

That couple I talked about last week

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