Portugal Lisbon Mission

Portugal Lisbon Mission

Monday, August 24, 2015

Satan Knows

Lucas started out with lots of time and then all of a sudden he wrote me and said he had to go, could I catch everyone up. So here is the bulk of his email to me.

"I´m gonna write two more letters, one to dad and the group one, but we can talk a bit :)

Then one minute later:
"Sorry, just kidding, can you give all the peeps an update for me? Gotta run :) Love you!"

Here is his email to me this week:

So this week's been a little crazy. I´ve been having back problems recently, so we got me to the hospital and got it sorted out, got me a backpack, the doc prescribed muscle relaxants, its just an overworked muscle in my back. President told me to take it easy, carry less weight, rest if I need to. He´s very involved in missionary health care. President Amorim is a very excellent mission president.

Something crazy though, is that Elder Garcia fell and hit his head the day after. We got him taken care of with three stiches. I´d send pictures, but I don´t have my camera cord and I´ll tell you why.

So we were looking for signs of a concussion, and today he presented with nausea, so president wanted us to come down here to Porto to get him a CT scan to make sure he was ok. He´s fine, but they said he might be sick. so we´re staying down here in the mission home. And man let me tell you, this place is niiiiiice haha :) I never got to stay in the mission home in Lisbon because we came in late. We´ve been hanging out, chillin. President took me to go shop for our food for the week while Elder Garcia slept. Now I´m using his computer to write yáll. Pretty chill day. :) Only problem is this is the 2nd time that we had marked a lesson with this one family that seemed so ready, and we´ve had to cancel. Satan really knows that this family will get baptized and be the springboard we need to make Regua a branch so he´s throwing everything he can our way.

Also, this was our 5th day in a row in some sort of hospital. Hey at least Elder Garcia´s mission can do nothing but improve right? haha :) he´s fine, I´m fine, We´re all fine here. Thank you. um...how are you?

I´m just excited to get back to work. I get antsy. President wants us to take it slow and that´s kinda hard for me. I need to work 100% or not at all. But we´ll get there.

This week has been a battle though aside from that. We’ve been helping our members be more active, I´ve been trying to take a better role as district leader in helping my missionaries. Our sisters have an investigator that’s progressing really well, which is awesome. They really need it. They´ve been following the council I give them, that I get from the ZLs, and them from the Assistants and from President. So from God :) It´s pretty cool :)

So yep. We get to have family home evening tonight with President and Sister Amorim :)

Working heard. I´m a bit tired, I´m sure they´ll send me to bed early. Have a good week :)

Elder Buchanan

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