Portugal Lisbon Mission

Portugal Lisbon Mission

Tuesday, August 18, 2015


Boa Tarde!

I'm really stretching on my subjects, I'm sorry :/

This week's been nuts! We've been having a catholic festival of a local saint and everybody and their brother's family comes into town. Nuts, yo. We've met some pretty cool people, but it's been a little harder to find ones who stay. Speaking of that festival though, practically every night there was a party down by the river that went on ‘til like 4 in the morning. Crazy.

Oh and on Friday ‘til Sunday everyday there was just this group of drummers marching all over (specially in front of our house) just drumming as load as they could. Very annoying when you're trying to study the scriptures, or Portuguese.

Elder Garcia is making fantastic progress in Portuguese. He's talking a ton more (as much as I let him...gotta work on that) and understanding a lot more. He's a funny kid.

We were almost trapped in our apartment because of a parade on Saturday and then we were trapped in a park for 30 minutes on Sunday. We chose the wrong area to go talk to someone haha. Bit difficult, but hey, we've still found some cool people who are interested.

Bought a churro. Yup. That was good. 

We practically ran out of food this week haha :) Luckily I know how to make end of the week food! So our dinner on Sunday was still very good. It was only that one though. I'm very glad to see a full fridge today :) even if Elder Garcia's forcing me to be healthier. We've got a goal to get six packs. Let's see how that goes with only 30 minutes of exercise in the morning haha :) But hey, I think we can do it.

Just another week of work. Some days it's strange to realize that we're a couple of kids out here peaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ. But goes to show that really it's not us and our convincing words of learned men, but rather the truth of Christ's Gospel. :) I love being out here.

There are so many people here who are shocked when we tell them that we pay to be out here. I've heard a rumor that floated around in some parts of Portugal that "missionaries get a big bonus when someone's baptized" haha :) There are honestly some great ones, but my favorite was from a fellow missionary from Mozambique that said he heard the missionaries carry around guns in their bags. So he always hid from them because he was afraid to get shot haha.

On those funny notes, I shall leave you all :) I love my mission, my Savior, and you all!
Have a good week! Stay strong! Work hard! Eat your vegetables (I have to this week) :)

Elder Buchanan

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