Portugal Lisbon Mission

Portugal Lisbon Mission

Friday, November 13, 2015

70º in Nov?

Yeah...we had a 70º day this week. Pretty nuts, actually.

The week was pretty darn good! Lots a fun and work and all that jazz :)

This one will be a little shorter than last week because I'm a bit tired today, but I'll give ya some good highlights!

We had a zone meeting this week and Presidente introduced a new program to help train us as missionaries and help us. It's should be cool and I'm excited!

Elder Orozco and I met a really cool guy named Bruno yesterday who was very interested to hear our message and was very willing to listen to us and we've got a time to come back and talk to him again! He's a pretty cool kid :)

Yesterday was Elder Merkle's birthday, so we decided to do something special. Sister Ashby actually made him a cake and we sang to him when we got to the office. But then Elder Orozco and I left early from the office to go to a "lesson" But we went and prepped a surprise party at the chapel just down the street. Then we lured him down because the Sisters were supposed to be at the chapel cleaning. And then we knocked his socks off! :) The sisters decked out the kitchen, made a really good cake, Orozco, Elder Mcghie and I made Carne Asada, I made some banging salsa :) We sang to Elder Merkle and I think it made him feel really good :)

Those are just some highlights. I'm sorry, we were running around having fun today and I'm beat. I took Orozco down to São Bento downtown and we had some bombin’ ice cream. I think Elder Orozco's slang is rubbing off on me :P oh well.

Have a great week!

Elder Buchanan

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