Portugal Lisbon Mission

Portugal Lisbon Mission

Sunday, December 13, 2015

Only Two Years

(Lucas's work in the office sometimes keeps him from writing a lot on p-day. Here is a little from my letter this week.)

The Ashby's came in and showed me some crazy stuff that's been going on in Oregon lately! Holy cow! So much rain! I saw a video of Multnomah Falls gushing, it has a 3rd waterfall! Crazy! The Ashby's are really cool :) They told us the other day that they want us 4 to come over for Christmas Day dinner :) And we've got plans to sleep over at the assistant house on Christmas eve and have a little gift exchange in the morning :) But they do all of the celebrating on Christmas eve here, so we've got to find a good house to go to for dinner :) So Christmas'll be good :) Don't you worry :) Weird to think that it'll be my last Christmas as a missionary, even though I'll only hit my year mark on Thursday. I'll be home for Christmas next year :) I'll be singing that song next November. 

(I told Lucas how sad Adi was when I left after the baby's blessing)
You should definitely get Adi into drama classes :) She can be a little actor just like me! I miss acting. So much. I miss a lot of things. I found out that so many of my favorite bands have all now released new albums :( Sad day...But I'll live :) Only two years right?

Hey, I'm gonna wrap it up here :/ Sorry mumma! I'll try to be better on Friday! But then the next Friday will be Christmas! Yay! 

Have a great week!

Elder Buchanan

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