Portugal Lisbon Mission

Portugal Lisbon Mission

Friday, December 4, 2015


Yeah...that doesn't happen sometimes...

But today was still fun! We ran around, I got my haircut, we had lunch...same old same old :P

There is honestly not too much to see here in Porto, and it takes forever to get anywhere by Metro (‘cuz we can't use cars on P-day) But maybe next week we can go do something fun (hahaha :))

We had EDP - a power company, go and shut off the power in one of the missionary houses today. He just knocked, walked in, turned off the power and then walked out. Kinda funny, but still not good! SO there was dealing with that today.

This week has been good. It's been a lot of working hard in the office and then cut and run to go work in the field and find people to teach and help. My new area is 20 minutes away by car, so it's a little more difficult to invite people to church because they have less ability to get to the chapel! But Elder Hicks and I are working hard. We work very well together. It's weird..he's the first comp I've ever had that I knew before I actually had him as a comp. He's a very funny guy :) I remember when we first got acquainted in the mission, I told him, "Man, if we were ever comps I'm not sure we'd ever stop laughing." It's been pretty darn funny ever since.

We made an awesome Christmas CD for our car and we chill and listen to the tunes on the way to our area.

On Tuesday, we had a great zone meeting, Elder McGhie did great, especially because he's one Zone leader (and AP) by himself supporting the responsibilities of two. I felt very animated after the meeting.

We discussed an event coming up and how it's gonna be crazy awesome! We have 7 wards in the Porto area in on it, we've got a plan to get members fully involved, President will be the keynote, we're putting together a choir, and our goal is 600 people in that chapel, 300 of which are people who are not members of the church. It's going to be very special. Our goal is to give out 15.000 invites with names and contact information. It's nuts! But awesome. "Go Big or Go Home!" was the challenge Presidente Amorim gave to us awhile back when it came to events. And Elder McGhie said "Bem, não vamos para casa!" "Well, we're not going home!"

This week that's coming looks bright and fun and crazy! Especially as we get closer to the Christmas and New Years! Holy Cow...that's crazy. Getting close to being out here for a year already...that's nuts!

Have an awesome week! Miss you all! Merry Christmas! :)

Elder Buchanan

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