Portugal Lisbon Mission

Portugal Lisbon Mission

Monday, March 28, 2016

Happy Easter!


This week has been...well it's been and it's gone haha :)
There are some changes! Changes in time, weather and my companion!
Man that one less hour of sleep really kills when you're a missionary haha :) We tried to get up a little early yesterday, to give ourselves time to get out of the house early, but that didn't work haha :) Too tired. Out of bed at the prescribed hour, thank you! Sunday was just a crazy day actually...
So it's Easter, right? (Happy late Easter!) so
we get to the chapel early to make sure everything's nice and in order and ready for everyone, haha almost no one showed up on time! :P Probably because of the time change haha :) I laughed to myself. :) THEN we went home to eat lunch because we didn't manage to get ourselves invited to someones home (there's a sidenote*).
I cooked the rice and got it good and done and it sat in the pot kind of finishing cooking and right in the middle of me trying to start the chicken curry...our gas ran out! haha We have a tank that feeds our water heater and stove, and we need to replace it about one a month or so...man what a time to go.
So what did I do? The only think I could. Cooked in the microwave haha :) It actually wasn't bad, and luckily the rice was already done. Not the most amazing Easter meal, but still good :)

So My new companion! Elder Wait! He's now in his 5th transfer. There's about the same distance between us as there was between Elder Gilbert and I...so that's a frightening thought! haha :)
He's one of the most Christlike people I know. He's very ambitios and has lots of good ideas on how to help our ward. He and I are getting along well. It's funny because I was in the office when he came into the mission. So I saw him grow up haha...so to speak.
The kid is straighter than an arrow. He finished college already studying architecture, and has plans to go home to do his masters. He's 23 and converted to the church about 2 -1/2 years ago. He's an awesome guy.

We've been facing some opposition from Inês's family, but we're trying to help her over come it so that she can be baptized which'll be awesome! :)

We were supposed to have an outdoor ward activity today, but the rain killed it. Darn you rain. We were going to have a barbque! My life is over! haha :) I think I'm becoming accustomed to a climate that doesn't rain as much as home...even though I miss my dear Oregon. Today during studies I had the heater by my feet and the window slightly cracked so I could smell the rain :)

Well, we've got some good looking weeks ahead of us! I'm excited :)

I just want to include here my testimony of our Savior, Jesus Chirst. I love Easter because it's an opportunity to remember not only that Christ suffered for us, so He could understand us perfectly, to pay the price for our sin. but He also rose again. So that I can rise again. That every single person that ever lived our will live will live again. I know that He lives, that He loves us, and that He still leads His church through His prophet, Thomas S. Monson.

Hope you're all doing well! Sorry I'm a bad writer! We're supposed to be getting two computers side by side in the chapel soon, so that would mean I could be a bit better at responding to everyone, But I missi you all!

Elder Buchanan

*Side note: It's funny, my mother always taught me to never invite myself to someone's house. Haha but as a missionary, that's what I do all the time. "When can we come over and teach/visit you?" Our ward missionary leader and another member Think we need to be more upfront about getting meals with members, that we should ask rather than wait to be invited. David, a member was telling us about his mission in spain and how he used to go up to members after church and ask, "So, Irmão, when are we coming to your house for lunch?" haha :) He told us to never have fear to ask them for food, "Só diz 'Os Servos do Senhor tem fome!' " haha ("Just say, 'The Servants of the Lord are hungry!' ") That what he told me haha :)
The purpose of meals is to fortify and build up the members, as well as feed us. Cuz it's nice to have a meal that you didn't cook haha

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