Portugal Lisbon Mission

Portugal Lisbon Mission

Monday, March 14, 2016

20 Years Young

I'm no longer a teenager... weird haha

This week was crazy. This'll be a short one in all actuality, so I apologize, but I'll put in some pictures to make up for it!

Wednesday. Let's just focus on Wednesday. 6 marked appointments. 5 with investigators, all planned to have members of our ward come with us, right?
The day started with the member who was to be with us for 3 of the appointments cancelling, he had a good excuse, cool, that's ok. We talk a recent convert and then he came with us to the following appointment instead. Appointment was a disaster but we marked a new one. Next appointment fell through. Appointment for the end of the day called, fell through. Then our member who was supposed to come with us got lost and walked 40 minutes the opposite direction, he's new to the area, that's cool, went to the appointment, didn't answer...

What a ridiculous day of  mission life haha :) I'll just let that experience take the cake for this email.
In other news, I got a great package from my family on my birthday, brought to me by the Ashby's, who are the freaking greatest. Sister Ashby even made us (me ;) ) a whole cake!!! MMM so good :) and a cute little banner. IT was really nice :) Then they inspected our house. WE PASSED :)

A young man named Pedro came to church with us, so that was cool. And a member brought his brother, so that was cool to get to know him!

Here's to a better week :) "Ser Mormon é ser feliz!" " To be Mormon is to be happy!"

Elder Buchanan
 The  photo is for everyone who wished me a happy birthday this week, in whatever way they did :) (Translation: "Thank you so much! I love you all!")

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