Portugal Lisbon Mission

Portugal Lisbon Mission

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Back Update

Lucas has been having pain in his back and we recently got an update. They have tried muscle relaxers, pain medication, injections and nothing has really worked. He had an MRI and a doctor appointment that was rescheduled several times. We finally have the scoop. The doctor that read the MRI said that he has a deterioration of the cartilage between two of his discs. They think that it is probably hereditary. The solution that they are going to try is to keep him in the office for at least half of the next transfer and start him in physical therapy to strengthen the muscles in his back. Hopefully that will help and he can continue on in the mission. Here is what he wrote about it.
"My back, so, from everything I understood, it's not a cyst or a hernia, which is good. The disk in between my L4 and L3 vertebrae has lost cartilage and become more rigid and essentially loosing its function to support weight and impact. That then inflames my spinal muscles because they have to take on a larger role. Its apparently inoperable and could lead to a hernia if I'm not careful. I can't gain weight, and I have to strengthen my abdominal and back muscles. I think there's gonna be physical therapy involved. I'm not entirely sure. But Sister Amorim and President seemed relived it wasn't something more serious. But I can spend too long sitting, or too long standing, it has to be a back and forth."

As far as what he has been up to in the office, he hangs around trying to be helpful, then goes out with Elder Erhardt and Elder Morrison in the evenings. Looks like he got in a game of bowling on p-day. Maybe that's part of the PT?

I'm sure he would appreciate prayers for a speedy recovery and some strong back muscles.

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