Portugal Lisbon Mission

Portugal Lisbon Mission

Friday, May 27, 2016

Group Emails are "Back"

Short but sweet this week! Wanted to say sorry for my absence of writting to keep y'all in the loop!

Things are going pretty well. I'm still here in Porto getting my back taken care of and hanging out in the office.

My back's doing better which is nice, I've started being able to sleep on my side at night without it really hurting. I feel like I'm getting my mobility back. It still hurts during the day and towards the end, so that's still bad. But when I started the PT massages my lumbar muscles were tight and painful when they hit them right, but they've loosened up a lot and I clench my back a lot less and it feels better. Today actually I haven't felt hardly any pain so far, though it's only 2pm. But I mean I cleaned the house and felt pretty good. I've just had a headache all day though. But we'll see if on Monday they put me to work at muscle strengthening or if I'll get massages a little longer.

This week we met a really cool guy named Rui Correia. He believes in the Universe and not really any "god" but he believes a lot of principles we teach. We managed to convice him to let us come back and teach him our message at least once, so he agreed, if we did it in English haha. We came back and it turned into us teaching in Portuguese and he responding in fair English. Be he's Portuguese, and the Portuguese talk A LOT, and the fact he was trying to do it in English made him slower, so we left that lesson 2 hours later! haha holy cow. We made an appointment to come back yesterday, but he apparently had to leave. BUT HE LEFT A NOTE! haha :) That's the first time I think an investigator has ever left a note when they had to leave haha :) he's cool!

We also are going to teach José's sister today! So that'll be super cool. We're hoping to make her a progressing investigator.

Not much to report aside from that. Hope everyone has a great week!


Elder Buchanan

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