Portugal Lisbon Mission

Portugal Lisbon Mission

Monday, April 6, 2015


Lucas didn't write a big email last week so here are a few things from my last's week letter:

I'm doing well, thank you for asking :) Nothing huge this week, still working hard and trying to teach people about the gospel. :) 

Missionary-ness...hmmm. Well, we have a new Easter video we're sharing with everyone! I honestly love the one they did, I think, two years ago. But this one's good too. 

I gave a talk yesterday! It was actually pretty good, I think. I hope everybody learned what I wanted them to. I was told it was pretty good Portuguese.  I taught about enduring to the end. I taught the first 4 points of the Doctrine of Christ and then how the final point, enduring to the end, encompased all three. I hope they were taught more by the Spirit than my words.

Elder Da Silva, once you get past the strangeness of him is cool :) He's a hard worker and wants to help this branch grow. Did I mention he started his mission the same time as Erik? Yeah. He only as 6 weeks more than me in Portugal. haha we're both still figuring this out.

I loved my package! thank you :) How did you know the eggs have the perfect combination of peanut butter and chocolate? :) And Snickers peanut buter yum. I'm still saving one of them :) maybe I'll eat it tonight! I rationed the Reese's and they lasted until yesterday. But I still have a nice big jar of peanut butter :) Thank you.  And for my water bottle.Thank you for my TIE! I love it :) I'm wearing it right now. I'd send you a picture but...the cord doesn't fit my camera :( I'll have to send it back! So that's kinda sad.

Have a good week :) I'll talk to you soon. Enjoy conference :)  We get it a day later so I might not write because of conference on the day. But I hope I still can :)
Tell eveyone I send me love.

Elder Buchanan

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