Portugal Lisbon Mission

Portugal Lisbon Mission

Monday, April 27, 2015

When the Storm Passes Away

My beloved Jake Bugg. I believe this song honestly has deeper meaning than I care to go into right now. I'm using it mainly because we've had so screwy weather that last couple of days. One day we must've had three storms that blew out about as fast as they blew in. And this song kept popping into my head.

Well here we are! Surprised? So am I :) Guess where I am now! The same place! Yep haha I get to stay here in Abrantes for 6 more weeks, which is honestly a blessing (and a liiiitle bit of a curse--this is about as rural as you can get. Not even a McDonalds! You KNOW it's rural then.). I'm glad to be here in the same. Oops...the sentence makes sense in Portuguese. IT's happening already! Just kidding I may have done that on purpose...but I do feel like I'm forcing it a little when I speak English sometimes. So that’s cool.

Man oh man I wish I had my camera cord. Because I have some goooood pictures :)
Friday night was "Noite Famíliar" in the church. We have a spiritual thought and afterword play a few games with refreshments at the end. This week we played a game suggested by Elder Da Silva called "bâton" Where you have a tube of lipstick and in a circle you create a rhythm of clapping and then you say "I have 0 bâtons, how many bâtons does _____ have?" and you continue to pass it around the circle. But if you mess up or stumble over your words, the person that passed it to you gets to give you a "bâton" with the lipstick. After that you have 1 bâton and so on. It was pretty hilarious. I was one of the last ones to not have been Bâton-ed and so the youth were after the Elder, of course. Finally I messed up, and Gustavo, made a nice long line from one cheek, across my nose to the other cheek. Man oh man I wish I could send you all photos. Elder Da Silva ended up with two little circles on each cheek and one on his lips. I told him he was beautiful. Haha
For sure I'll have my cord by the 7th, because the mission President is coming up here to do interviews. So I'll get mail then :)

There was honestly something really interesting that I wanted to tell you about that happened last Monday after email...but I can remember. Sorry. Just know that it was interesting!

Sometimes as a missionary you spend a little while waiting for people to show up. The other day we were waiting for a young man to meet us in the center of a little park, it was hot and there was a little stand that was basically a café (they have cafe's like the Brits have pubs) so we ordered some lemonade and wouldn't you know it, he showed up right after that. So we had to abandon our lemonade that we hadn't even gotten yet. You want someone to show up? Have the need to go to the bathroom, go order something, or start talking to someone in the street, it's surefire! haha

I apologize this isn't jam packed with action like last week, but I hope you got a slice of the missionary life. It's a lot like yours except I talk to everyone who wants to listen about the gospel of Jesus Christ. And I don't watch TV or Movies (which to be honest I don't miss all that much) Missionaries, if we're being honest, are very strange indeed.

Have a good week! Take care! Eat some food, I know I will!

Elder Buchanan

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