Portugal Lisbon Mission

Portugal Lisbon Mission

Friday, January 8, 2016

Head Exec Sec


I can't believe that it's already Friday. This has been a very long and yet very short week!

Well, I'm the big cheese now! Everyone calls me for stuff, I've got the fancy phone, all the responsibility is on me! And man is it heavy haha :)

I've actually had to do some heavy lifting as I just got a brand new to the office comp, Elder Morrison. The kid is very funny. On the day of transfers though we ended up leaving him in the bus station for 3 hours because he was in the bathroom and I had to run to move more missionaries around, I felt bad haha :) But he was chill about it. This week has been crazy. A lot of stress, but luckily I have Elder Morrison. They kid can be chill and roll with the punches.

Elder Hicks and I took care of transfers Monday night, and then he went with me Tuesday morning to help pick up the missionaries leaving Madeira and then the incoming missionaries later. He said it was interesting to feel the burden of the Head Executive Secretary leave his shoulders and watch it drop onto mine :P haha 

We had the training meeting and I had to run around and take care of doctors appointments and drivers licenses and bags from hotels and paying for things and lets just say I'm very tired today :)

But things are well :) I wish I had more time and more energy. Also, My p-day writing next week will be on Saturday because I'll have to do SEF or residency for missionaries on Friday next week!

I miss you all!

Elder Buchanan

Stolen from Facebook...
Left to Right:

Elder Peterson, Andrew Bateman (President and Sister Amorim's son in-law) Elders Buchanan and Elder Merkle

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