Portugal Lisbon Mission

Portugal Lisbon Mission

Saturday, January 16, 2016

La La How Life Goes On

The Beatles said it best :)

This week seemed to have dragged by and flew at the same time. It's amazing how fast 6pm shows up and then we're out working and then we're home and then its a new day (its a new dawn, its a new life! sorry...had to :) ). I've been dealing with some logistics this week. I was finishing stuff I didn't get done last week, and then working on stuff that needed to be done this week. 

Monday I got up early and stood in line with 3 missionaries (including my companion) so we go switch their American licenses for Portuguese ones. I'd been running around the end of last week prepping all the documents for that. So a few hours and a few lines later we managed to get them! (see how exciting my life is? haha) Something else I did which took way too long is up date the transfer boards. These show the whole mission, split into zones, and then Districts and then into areas with the two missionaries. We have three kinds: The digital one that is in the system we use, then there is the excel sheet we made to print out so we can see where everyone is with one look (hence it's name "one glance file") then we have the two white boards in President's office at the office and at the mission home that have little cards with missionary names, number of transfers in an area etc. that have to but updated by hand. That one was the worst. haha 

Elder Morrison is a really hard worker. He's only in his 5th transfer, and the poor guy got stuck in the office. He's doing well so far. We've had some cool experiences this week. So on Monday we go to contact this contact that the Sisters passed to us and he cancels on us as we show up for the appointment. So we go, "ok, well we're here so there must be a reason, lets go knock some doors." That night we met Nuno and Pedro who let us right in to teach them about The Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ! But the amazing part is that we came back 2 more times and met two more really cool people who let us teach them! He and I teach pretty well together, but to be honest it doesn't matter how we teach, it's if the Spirit is there, and we've been feeling it.

I had a long day yesterday, man. SEF, or residency is the worst thing in the world haha! But I know the process and how to make it easy if I ever decide to come back, right? ...kinda I guess.

I won't really talk about what else I've done in the office because it really isn't that interesting... :P

Today we took a p-day! Yay :) we're actually gonna go to a baptism here in a little bit so I'll have to wrap this up soon. But we decided to go down to the center of Porto! Which I've been to several times, but it was still fun. I think a lot of people were on a vacation or something, quite a few things closed. But Elder Morrison and I walked down to the river ( I'll send photos) and were on a bridge, I bought a post card and some cools ties on sale. So all in all a good day and week :)

Hope all y'all's week was great :) I miss you! Have a great week!

Elder Buchanan

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