Portugal Lisbon Mission

Portugal Lisbon Mission

Monday, February 16, 2015

Faith -- Have It My Friends

Hola pessoas!

How's everyone's week? Mine's been pretty dang awesome. Why? Because I live in Portugal and I teach the gospel of Jesus Christ to anyone who will listen. Or more specifically who will listen to me. Because yes my speaking has been getting better, my comprehension is still crawling, not quite walking yet. But, with time it'll come :) Sometimes I dread going up to, or just speaking with someone because I know at some point something is going to be said to me and I'm going to have to understand what was said haha. But, ya have to look stupid for a while before you can be proficient. It's one lesson everyone's gotta learn multiple times (unless you're one of THOSE people). That you have to start at the bottom and WORK to get to the top. so right now I'm working :)

Lot of walking here. Which sometimes is hard. But I'm getting really used to it. I just sometimes wish we had a car so that we could go out to the farther parts of our area to talk to people. But we'll be able to time-to-time with our couple missionaries. The de Silvas. they're really cool people. I forgot to mention them last week.

Elder Muniz from Port Alegra and Elder Cluff
Car ride back from Zone Training

There's not too much to mention in terms of teachings. We're still working really hard to find people to teach. We have a good size list of references/names. We just can't ever seem to get them at home! But we have some really promising people. And plans to get some references from members. So we're excited. I know these people are ready to hear the gospel in Abrantes. We actually met a really cool guy who lives spitting distance of a member. He'd been taught before and seemed cool with meeting with us again. So we're going over tomorrow! woot :) João and Julianna

A pretty good story from this week. So there are what are called predios. and then there are some that are built with doors on the sides. So we're going down the stairs and we look out and see this guy stumbling up the road behind the building. Super drunk. It was hilarious. His srides were as wide as the path. he gets to the gate at the back and is fumbling with the keys and its hard to explain but we were dying. And when he dropped them it was just icing on the cake. He almost fell over bending over to pick them up. I was trying to be quiet but I was almost crying. The only down side is the door of the person that we were going to knock on was the one he went into, and we didn't want to risk upsetting him and not being able to come back. so we left her alone that night. We think it was her son that lives there.

It was still super funny :)

So yeah. Stories of the mission. We're working on having Quintino baptized this Saturday. Because he and Roqui are both ready. He just needs to put both feet in figuratively and literally haha. So we'll see if we can :) Faith. Have it my friends. Cuz it will work miracles.

Love you all!

Elder Buchanan

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