Portugal Lisbon Mission

Portugal Lisbon Mission

Monday, February 23, 2015

Ok...Now In Portuguese

Bom Dia, meu amigos!

Hope you're ALL having a good week! If not, well then I hope a good ol' dose of Elder Buchanan will perk your spirits ;)

Today marks the halfway mark of my first transfer! For those of you playing at home that means there are 3 weeks left in this transfer. And the end of the transfer means that I have halfway done with being trained. That means I've already completed 1/4 of my training!!! BaH! Scary stuff right there haha. Why is that, might you ask? Because of the increase of missionaries, they want missionaries to be prepared and able to train new missionaries at the end of their own 12 week training period! Crazy stuff.

So we mark Roqui for baptism! Which is awesome. She's so excited and so are we. I just wish Quintino would get baptized. He says he knows that the church is true, but something’s holding him back. He's just unwilling to put both feet in. He even takes pride in the fact that he brought the missionaries home that led to the rest of his family being baptized. But I just want to ask him, then why won't you?! He has a testimony, I know it. He wants his sons to stay strong in the gospel, but we're trying to teaching him that showing is better than telling. We're still working on it :)

We have some perspective people that I'm excited to talk to becasue they seem super cool. We've been getting most of our contacts out of the Area Book, which is the record of whom the other missionaries in the past have taught. It's hard to be able to talk to people when ever you say anything more than "Hi." everyone tends to say "Não quero nada!" Meaning they don't want to hear our message. It makes me sad for them.

The people here are very stubborn. A funny instance was we were talking to a lady and my companion asked her what she would say if she knew a prophet of God was on the earth, would she follow that church. Her answer cracks me up. "No, not even then. I was born a catholic and I will die a catholic."

Teach the Gospel to Everyone!

So we would have Roqui's baptism in the Rio (River) Tejo which is just down the hill from us, but its too cold right now. I'm honestly sure its fine, but these Portuguese are whimps haha. I can get away on most days(unless its raining) with just my white shirt on. And I honestly think its warm. But when I talk to a member of the branch they're all "não tens frio?!" you're not cold?! They're all bundled up in their thick coats. and I kinda laugh. Saying, no. Home is about this temperature most of the year. It usually about in the low 50s high 40s. Maybe its because I'm always walking, I don't know. It's nice when it rains though. But the sunny days are just as good :)

I'm working hard out here, still the same old me, with a few upgrades. The Portuguese is coming. Everybody always says I speak well for only having been here for 3 weeks now. Which I can't tell if they're just being nice or not. Because honestly, some of my conjegations are attrocious. Like the spelling of the word :)

One time in a lesson with a recent convert, I said something to her (Irmã Carmen) and when I finished she said "Ok now in Portuguese." and my companion just started laughing. You might think that was my first week? nope. Thursday. haha

Alright. Hope I've improved y'all's weeks :) Have a good rest of the week and feel free to send a note! I love you all!

Elder Buchanan

3 Pizzas for the price of ONE
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