Portugal Lisbon Mission

Portugal Lisbon Mission

Monday, March 2, 2015

Insert Title Here

Ok, sorry for the Subject, but I just get really tired of trying to figure out something clever haha :) I guess you could just go with my old and favorite standby (since I've always been terrible with clever names) "(Insert Title Here)" That was actually the name of a blog I started and then let die within the course of a week :) I have a small attention span when it comes to a lot of things haha :)

Anyway, to things of importance!

We had a baptism this week! Which was super cool :) Even if it was a "freebee". She's 8 and has been coming with her aunt's family for more than a year, but since her mom's not a member she counts as a convert baptism. Roqui. She was so excited :) one of the sweetest little girls ever. I'd send pictures but I'm a dunce and forgot my camera today. Ah well. Next week :)

The work is going...tough spot. But we're praying to come across a family and we have several people lined up to teach this week. I'm excited :) The people we meet can either be really mean or super, super awesome. And we've met some awesome people :)

We played Futebol (real) today as a district. We're one of the larger districts, with 8 missionaries and 2 couples. We also have our Zone Leaders as 2 of those 8. We're pretty awesome :)

It's mostly crazy how much time flies. Seems like I only just got here. CRAZY!  Can't believe that it's almost a month in Portugal (Wednesday) And so close to 3 months on the mission (end of this transfer). Crazy! Time flies :) and apparently it gets faster!

Oh! Also we get to go to Santarém this Saturday for the dedication of their chapel since it's our zone :) So that's awesome :) It'll be cool to be in a church building for the first time in a while. 

The language is going well. I'm getting better and understand a little more each time. The Lord's been blessing me :) I think He'll keep doing so if I just open my mouth and trust :)

Sorry, not a super long letter this week. I'll try to give ya more substance next time!
Miss you people! Hope you're doing well :)

Elder Buchanan

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