Portugal Lisbon Mission

Portugal Lisbon Mission

Monday, March 9, 2015

Very Missionary Like

Boa Tarde! Or I guess in most of your cases Bom Dia!
Hope things are well for you all, they're very missionary like for me :)

Please excuse spelling errors, this thing tells me all my English is incorrect because it thinks in Portuguese and on top of that, my dang keybord has keys that don't always work! So that being said, lets move ahead :)

Saturday was an awesome day for the Santarem Zone because we dedicated the Santarem meeting house! It was such a cool experience :) It was defintitely smaller than some of the small meeting houses in the states but it was a MEETING HOUSE! So cool :) We had a TON of people there, which was awesome.

It's crazy that Elder Cluff's last week in the mission is this week. But he says it's ok, cuz its never gonna come, he's never going home haha :) He's been a great companion, I'm excited to meet my next one though.

A funny story from Saturday: The 4 of us (The Abrantes Elders) had to take the train home, but it was a long way from the meeting house, So President and Sister Fluckiger (our mission president and his wife) gave us a ride there. Santarem has a McDonalds there. And missionaries go there after every zone meeting. We're driving by and Sister Fluckiger, the angel she is, says "Are you Elders hungry? Did you eat?" And we were ALL silent. None of us wanted to say we hadn't. We sat there for a minute and then she asked again, "Do you want a hamburger?" To which immediately president responds, "Sister Fluckiger, what planet are you on? Are you really asking if MISSIOARIES want a hamburger?!" Man that was Hilarious! haha :) Long story short, President bought us dinner :) It was awesome :)

We've met some awesome people, but nothing too major to report. But I'll include the picture of Roqui's baptism and one of me in front of the new chapel.

I'm loving it out here :) I miss you all!
Elder Buchanan

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